About Montgomery IDA

The Town of Montgomery Industrial Development Agency

We are a public benefit corporation of the State of New York. A public benefit corporation is designed to promote, develop, encourage and assist in the acquiring, constructing, reconstructing, improving, maintaining, equipping and furnishing of civic facilities, among others, for the purpose of promoting, attracting and developing economically sound commerce and industry to advance the job opportunities, health, general prosperity and economic welfare of the people of the State of New York, to improve their prosperity and standard of living, and to prevent unemployment and economic deterioration.

Our Mission

Assist in the enhancement and diversity of the economy of the Town of Montgomery (the “Town”) by acting in support of projects in the Town that create and/or retain jobs and/or promote private sector investment utilizing the statutory powers of the Agency as set forth under the provisions of the laws of the State of New York.

Our Leadership

The Town of Montgomery filed a Certificate of Establishment relating to the Agency with the Secretary of State of the State of New York on November 3, 1971. The Agency shall be comprised of seven (7) members as appointed by the Town Board of the Town of Montgomery. Each Member must be a resident of the Town of Montgomery and must file an oath of office with the Orange County Clerk.

Board of directors

Jeff Crist


Edwin Williams

1st Vice Chairman

Stephen Rainaldi

2nd Vice Chairman

Matt Stoddard


John Dickson


Suzanne Hadden


Anthony Zambrotta

Assistant Secretary

Audit Committee

Edwin Williams
Stephen Rainaldi
Rodney Winchell

Finance Committee

Edwin Williams
Stephen Rainaldi

Governance Committee

Edwin Williams
Stephen Rainaldi