Minutes, Regular Meeting / March 19, 2018

March 2018 | Minutes

Monday – March 19, 2018 at 5:30 PM


  • F. Edward Devitt, Chairman
  • Edwin Williams, First Vice-Chair
  • Stephen Rainaldi, Second Vice-Chair
  • Donna Jennings, Treasurer and Member
  • Rodney Winchell, Member


  • A. Joseph Scott, III, Hodgson Russ Attorneys
  • George Cregg, Hodgson Russ Attorneys

Also Present

  • A. Zambrotta, Assistant Secretary
  • Members of the Audience
  • Suzanne Hadden, Recording Clerk


  • Call to Order
  • Treasurer’s Reports
  • Other Business
  • Approval of the February 05, 2018 Meeting Minutes
  • Adjournment

Chairman Devitt called the meeting to order.

  • Michael Gaydos, Business Manager, Financial Secretary/Treasurer for Iron Workers Local 417 and Mathew Stoddard, President and Business Agent for the Iron Workers Local 417 were present and expressed their interest to be active with the IDA and asked if there were any positions available on the board?
  • Chairman Devitt suggested that they send in a resume for the Town Board to consider.
  • A reporter from the Wallkill Times asked for the microphones to be turned on.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Member Jennings reviewed the 2018 Treasurer’s Reports for January and February.
  • First Vice-Chairman Williams motioned to accept the Treasure’s Reports as presented, seconded by Second Vice-Chairman Rainaldi. All in favor, all ayes, motion carried.

Other Business

  • Chairman Devitt said at the last meeting, there was a discussion about hiring an executive director and left up to Rod and himself to interview interested candidates. He said they interviewed Joseph Joy and he has provided the IDA with his resume and they had talked about the PARIS report, the website and the callback situation with existing applications. They also talked about the training and about having an inventory of Town properties to let the Orange County Partnership Board and the Orange County Chamber know what is available in the Town of Montgomery. They discussed Joe’s hours and they thought that around 24 hours a week for the first six months would be a good idea and then they could look at the results at the end of
    the six months. What is of most importance is the website and Joe is a tech guy and he was on the planning board for Orange County. They asked Joe if he could get all of the information from the Comptroller’s office on the website. We want to either tie into the Town’s website or have our own and Joe would be a great asset for doing that and for the Town of Montgomery.
  • Member Winchell asked Joe if he would like to say a few words as to what he would be able to bring to the IDA?
  • Joseph Joy said he is on the County Planning Board and he has been on that for a few years. He has held a Real Estate License for roughly the same time; about four years. He said he is well versed in municipality, planning board, business and real estate and he knows all of the people at the partnership and knows where the sites are that are available for new buildings. Mr. Joy expressed his knowledge in real estate and his interest in learning about the PARIS reporting process and any other help that the IDA may require.
  • Chairman Devitt said he knows this is a new venture for the board, but feels that it is well worth it; especially getting the website up to date the way that the Comptroller wants it. He said if the IDA stays up to date they will have no problems with the State. He asked for a motion to fill the CEO position?
  • Member Winchell motioned to have Joseph Joy be the IDA’s CEO, seconded by Second Vice-Chairman Rainaldi. All in favor, all ayes, motion carried.
  • Mr. Joy will report to the IDA at their next meeting with a list of properties that have rail and which have water/sewer; the total amount of acreage available and what it is zoned for.

Approval of the February 05, 2018 IDA Meeting Minutes

  • Second Vice-Chairman Rainaldi motioned to approve the February 05, 2018 meeting minutes as presented, seconded by Member Winchell. All in favor, all ayes, motion carried.

Sheryl Melick, Member of the Town Board expressed her interest in being a member on the IDA.

Second Vice-Chairman Rainaldi motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Member Winchell. All in favor, all ayes, motion carried.